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National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project (NTSAP) employs a community development approach to address the issue of Traveller suicide which is over six times higher for Traveller men compared to the general population. The project acts as a resource to Traveller organisations and suicide related services raising awareness on the issue of suicide. It does this by promoting the development of initiatives which support suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in a coordinated way. This is done so with the goal of reducing the rate of attempted and completed suicide in the Traveller community. NTSAP works within the Family Support Service, and is supported by the Youth Service and Education Service where even more support to Travellers in distress can be provided. 



Recent Traveller Suicides in Limerick & Tipperary - 31st July 2013

It was with deep sadness that the National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project learnt of the deaths by suicide over the past 7 days of a 15 year old Traveller girl in Limerick and her 17 year old boyfriend in Tipperary. The loss of these two young people’s precious lives remind us how vulnerable our young people are and that we must redouble our efforts to reach out, communicate and support young people. Sadly over the last week there has been three girls and two men who died by suicide.


NTSAP Mental Health Training Programme - 9th August 2012

The National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project’s “Training for Traveller Men” has been piloted in Exchange House National Travellers Service headquarters in Dublin.  The feedback from the training group was that the training was informative and useful. Using a community development approach,  this module will provide training to Traveller men in prevention, intervention and postvention initiatives in the areas of positive mental health, mental health issues and suicide.


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The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) oversees the implementation of 'Reach Out' - the National Strategy for Action on Suicide Prevention. The office co-ordinates suicide prevention efforts around the country and speaks regularly with many various agencies and individuals interested and active in suicide prevention. They also work closely with the HSE Resource Officers for Suicide Prevention all across Ireland. 

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