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What We Do

Exchange House offers a range of services. These are outlined below.

National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project


The project began in 2004 when Traveller groups came together alarmed at the rate of suicide in the Traveller community. A working group was formed and in 2006 the project received funding from the HSE National Office of Suicide Prevention and a worker was employed. Crosscare, the social care agency for Dublin, hosted the project. With the support of the Parish of the Travelling People, Crosscare, and the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP), along with local Traveller projects, the work of creating awareness began.  Three years later an evaluation report highlighted the need to further develop work with Traveller men. A successful application again to the HSE NOSP was made in 2011 where two part time workers were employed to develop this work further. In 2012 the hosting arrangement came to an end with Crosscare and following a successful tendering process the project moved to Exchange House National Traveller Service an organisation with over thirty years of experience providing Family Support Services, Addiction Services, Education Services and Youth Services to marginalised Travellers. The National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project is through the Family Support Service

Aim of Programme

The aim of the project is to create awareness among the Traveller community about suicide and support the development of responses locally, regionally, and nationally, and in so reducing the rate of suicide in the Traveller community. The project uses a national community work approach to address the issue of Traveller suicide, which is over six times higher for Traveller men compared to the general population. The project acts as a resource to Traveller organisations and suicide related services, raising awareness on the issue of suicide by promoting the development of initiatives, which in turn support suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in a coordinated way.  With the ultimate goal of reducing the rate of attempted and completed suicide in the Traveller community.

Travelling to Wellbeing Service

The Travelling to Wellbeing service, T2WB, aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and suicide in the Traveller community. T2WB was developed to support individualised recovery plans/programmes with Travellers experiencing mental health issues. The service will develop a culturally appropriate recovery model using a community development approach. In developing the service we will address inequalities by working with Travellers and service providers to deepen their understanding, improve referral pathways and aid recovery.

The Benefits

We are a team of 4 professionals. 3 Mental Health Social Workers and 1 Mental Health Family Support Worker with expertise in Art Therapy.

How We Do It


Travelling to Wellbeing is a partnership between:  Exchange House (coordinating the project), Offaly Traveller Movement, Travellers of North Cork, and West Cork Travellers. Each partner has a Mental Health Social Worker, except for West Cork Travellers who have a Mental Health Family Support Worker who is a qualified Art Therapist.

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Exchange House

Exchange House National Travellers Service is the largest Traveller specific front line service provider in the country.  It has over 33 years’ experience of working with some of the most marginalised members of the Traveller community.  The Exchange House Family Support Services (EHFSS) consists of a team of:  3 Social Workers, 4 Family Support Workers, 2 Addiction Workers, 3 Mental Health Social Workers, and 1 Mental Health Art Therapist.  EHFSS has a duty system which allows us to deal with difficult cases within a 24 hour period.  In addition to our Dublin based services, we also offer services in Tullamore, North Cork, and West Cork.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the various services we offer to the Traveller community and other service providers nationwide.The list is broken down by our three departments and the training courses we offer.

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Family Support Services

Family Support:

Addiction Service:

Other Family Support Services:

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Education Service

In-house Programmes

Outreach support

Other Education Services

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Youth Service

Stay-In-School Programme:

After-School Projects:

On-Site Youth Services:

Outreach Services:

Other Youth Services

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Training Courses

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EU Projects

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