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History of the National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project

Exchange House National Travellers Service

Exchange House is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together to provide a range of front line services to some of the most marginalised members of the Traveller community.  In particular we seek to target Traveller men, women and children within a human rights and equality framework.  The services include Crisis Intervention, Outreach, Housing Support & Advice, Family Support, Social Work, Addiction Counselling & referral, Domestic Violence support and safety planning, Youth Work, Stay-in-School Programmes, AfterSchools, Summer Programmes, Drug Awareness, Mental Health Programme, Music & Drama, Residential & Away Trips, Adult Education, Adult Literacy, Adult Numeracy, Employment Training & Support, Career Education & Planning.

National Traveller Suicide Awareness Project employs a community development approach to address the issue of Traveller suicide, which is over six times higher for Traveller men compared to the general population. The project acts as a resource to Traveller organisations and suicide related services, raising awareness on the issue of suicide by promoting the development of initiatives, which in turn support suicide prevention, intervention and postvention in a coordinated way.  With the ultimate goal of reducing the rate of attempted and completed suicide in the Traveller community. NTSAP works within the Exchange House Family Support Service, supported by our Youth Service and Education Service where even more support to Travellers in distress can be provided.

Exchange House National Travellers Service

Exchange House
National Travellers Service

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